The Hospital's mission

We are open to solve your and your family health problems”

The characteristic of institution's activity

„Wojewódzki Szpital Zespolony in Elbląg” (Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elbląg) operates for more than 25 years. We have 23 wards in which there are over 592 beds, including 12 in the Emergency Room.

 We hospitalise more than 40,000 patients every year. Our area of operation includes mainly Warmian-Mazurian Voivodeship and a part of Pomeranian Voivodeship. The Hospital employs about 1500 people, including over 300 doctors and 600 nurses and midwives. Every year we perform about 14,000 surgeries, including almost 2500 cancer operations.

We provide services in the area of inpatient and outpatient health care, first-aid, rescue service, medical transport and also diagnosis of diseases and rehabilitation.

We ensure effective treatment, we care about friendly atmosphere affecting recovery and health care. We also conduct preventive activity.

 The advantages of our hospital are qualified staff and modern diagnostic, medicinal and rehabilitation equipment.


The hospital has a heliport for Air Rescue - the only night flights adjusted landing pad in surrounding areas.

The hospital is full of investments

 For additional opportunities of hospital development we reach out for alternative sources of financing, including subsidies from the European Union.

In the years 2004-2014 we completed 8 EU projects worth about 80 million zlotys. Among other things, it allowed to modernize and equip Radiology Department and Emergency Room, to buy new emergency ambulances, preventive check-up equipment and to introduce new information technology systems.

However, the biggest investment in the history of our hospital, realized with the help of EU subsidies, was the construction of modern extension in which we localized the Operating Theater, Department of Anaesthesiology andIntensive Therapy and Central Sterile Supply Depot. The investment worth nearly 58 million zlotys was completed in the jubilee year of the 25th anniversary of the hospital (in 2013).

Our rewards

Our significant success, affecting both the image of the hospital and the entire city, is achieving high position in prestigious rankings, such as: “Bezpieczny Szpital” (“Safe Hospital”) organized by “Centrum Monitorowania Jakości w Ochronie Zdrowia” (“Quality Monitoring in Health Care Center”) and newspaper “Rzeczpospolita” or ranking organized by daily “Newsweek Polska”. Mamy times we were the winners of the local competition “Wielkie Serce” (“Big Heart”) organized by newspapers “Gazeta Olsztyńska” and “Dziennik Elbląski” and we won President of Elbląg Awards, which are important for our institution.

Our hospital received many significant awards such as “Polska Nagroda Jakości” (“Polish Quality Award”) or “Lider Rynku” (“Market Leader”). The Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Mrs Elżbieta Gelert was awarded the title of “Menadżer Roku w Służbie Zdrowia” (“Manager of the Year in Health Care").


1.  The Department of Anaesthesiology andIntensive Therapy

2.  The Department of General and Vascular Surgery

3.  The Department of Surgical Oncology

4.  The Department of Trauma- Orthopaedics Surgery

5.  The I Department of Internal Medicine with The Gastroenterology Subdivision

6.  The II Department of Internal Medicine with The Endocrine Subdivision

7.  The Department of Dermatology

8.  The Department of Outpatient Chemotherapy

9.  The Department of Obstetric and Gynecology

10.  The Department of Cardiology with The Invasive Cardiology Subdivision

11.  The Department of Cardiac Intensive Care.

12.  The Department of Neurosurgery, Traumatology, with the Spinal Diseases Unit

13.  The Department of Neurology with The Stroke Subdivision

14.  TheStroke Subdivision of The Neurology Department

15.  The Infant's Department

16.  The Neonatal Department with Intensive Teraphy and Patology of Infants Units

17.  The Department of Ophthalmology

18.  The Department of Oncology

19.  The Department of Otolaryngology with The Maxillofacial Surgery Subdivision

20.  The Department of Children's Health with The Neurological Rehabilitation Subdivision

21.  The Department of Rheumatology

22.  The Department of Urology

23.  Emergency Department

Out-patient Clinics:

1.  Centre for Domiciliary Oxygen Therapy

2.  Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic

3.  Endocrinology Clinic

4.  Gastroenterology Clinic

5.  Laryngology Consultation Clinic

6.  Ophthalmology Consultation Clinic

7.  Obstetric and Gynecology Consultation Clinic

8.  Glaucoma Clinic

9.  Neurology and Epilepsy Clinic for Children

10.  Rheumatological Clinic

11.  High-Risk Perinatal Clinic

12.  Urological Clinic with Uroflowmetry Lab

Other Units:

1.  Gastroenterology Endoscopy Laboratory

2.  Bacteriological Laboratory

3.  Invasive Diagnostic Services for Coronary Artery Disease

4.  ECG Laboratory

5.  EEG Laboratory

6.  Interventional Radiology Unit

7.  Blood Group Serology Laboratory and Blood Bank

8.  Cardiac Pacemaker Implantation Laboratory

9. Diagnostic Laboratory

10.  Radiology Unit

11.  Rehabilitation Unit

12.  Disinfection and Central Sterilization Department

13.  Hospital Pharmacy

14.  Mammography Laboratory


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